Resin Trap Screen

Stainless steel Resin Traps

Resin traps, also named as media traps, are designed to install on either existing and new build strainer bodies to capture the media and resins from loss and prevent them from traveling downstream.

Stainless steel Resin Traps are insurance filters against the possibility of ion exchange resin or filter media accidentally leaving water treatment equipment and traveling downstream to cause catastrophic damage to process areas or equipment.
Resin Trap Screen used in water treatment processes namely in ‘Ion Exchange’ and other numerous media filter systems, we offer a Resin Trap Screen with the option for the pipe housing. This screen system is primarily used as a safety device and is positioned immediately after the outlet nozzle of the vessel.

The resin trap screen is normally closed on one side and has a flange on the other for easy installation of the equipment. The resin trap screen has a continuous slot and smooth surface. It can be made for flow-in-to-out (FITO) or flow-out-to-in (FOTI) filtration. The slot sizes are as small to capture very small particle resins.

Stainless steel Resin Traps screen filter
Resin Traps How to work?

The resin traps are commonly made of stainless steel in order to avoid problems that often lead to accelerated corrosion.

A resin trap is a simple, protective sieving device to ensure ion exchange resin or other filtration media does not leave the water treatment equipment and travel downstream where it doesn’t belong. Wedge wire screens (Vee wire screens) are installed near the outlet of the water system line and protected by mostly stainless steel housing or plastic housing.

When the resin or media passes, it can be intercepted and captured by the wedge wire filter screens. At the same time, the captured resin can be discharged out of the system by flushing automatically through the differential pressure between the front and rear.

Since the slots in the wedge wire can be customed to suit different filtration fineness requirements.

Stainless steel Resin Traps screen filter for water treatment in industry
  • Continuous slots supply high percent of open area to minimize pressure loss through the system.
  • V-shaped surface wires allow for easy cleaning by backwashing.
  • Stainless steel material owns corrosion resistance and long service life to reduce replacing cost.
  • Anti-plugging structure can reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Customized slots and sizes to accommodate your existing and new-build spooling restrictions, flow rates, pressure and other needs.
Wedge wire Resin Traps screen filter work for liquid filtration
    Material SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L,  Duplex, Hastelloy, etc
    OD Range 25mm-2000mm
    ID Range 19mm-1981mm
    Length Range Up to 6000 mm
    Slot Range 20 micron to 3000 micron (Tolerance:+-5 micron)
    Wedge Wire 0.5×1.5 0.75×1.5 1×2 1.5*2 2×3 2*4
    Support Rod 1.5×2.5








    3*5 3*5
    Connection Flange and thread
    End Type Closed plate

    Customized According To Special Requirements


Stainless steel Resin traps or media traps should be installed in the product water line of most resin and media-based water treatment equipment like Softeners, Dealkalizers, Condensate Polishers, Demineralizers, Carbon Filters, Sand Filters, Portable DI Tanks, Greensand Filters, and/or Multi-Media Filters.

Also, a resin trap should be considered in the backwash lines of most ion exchange and carbon systems because temperature-related flow changes can cause these expensive materials to be sent down the drain.

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