Aquaculture fishery

Filtration & Disinfection for Aquaculture

Protecting aquaculture systems against waterborne infection and disease with progressive Aquaculture fishery filtration solution

Effective treatment of aquaculture water systems is crucial to the production and success of fish farmers, fisheries, and manufacturers. Proper disinfection and filtration of an aquaculture system provide benefits to the facility as well as its fish. Whether the primary motivation is compliance, profits, or a higher-quality product, every aquaculture facility should invest in its Aquaculture fishery filtration system.

Our filters are designed to be used in a wide variety of aquaculture & fish hatchery applications to reduce maintenance, provide minimal water loss, and improve water quality. YUBO has a wide range of filters made of stainless steel with either disc, screen, or media technologies to successfully handle the needs of the aquaculture & hatchery industries.

No matter your specifications, we have the perfect filter solution for your recirculating aquaculture system.
Our filters are designed to be robust and reliable. They also operate at low pressure to allow the use of low to medium-head pumps for energy savings. Experience reduced maintenance, minimal water loss, and improved filtration. Our wedge wire screen filters easily handle high waste loads without caking or channeling and are designed with few moving parts, making maintenance easy and infrequent.

The wedge wire screen filters can be used for the following processes in the Aquaculture industry:

YUBO has been working alongside the industry filter solution and filter systems, and filter equipment products for decades. In the Aquaculture industry, from fish farmers and manufacturers to integrators and well boat manufacturers, we understand the challenges facing the aquaculture industry.

We design filtration systems and manufacture wedge wire screen filters for every aquaculture application, including land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), flow-through systems, well-boats, and shellfish depuration.

YUBO is one of the leading China providers of filtration solutions. Our water treatment engineers and aquaculture experts can advise how best to improve your water quality, improve fish health, increase stock density, and boost yields with industrial screen and media filtration solutions.

Get the leading filtration solutions in the Aquaculture industry for your clear business success!

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