The filters purify this hydrogen

The filters purify this hydrogen

Country: India

Application: Hydrogen gas is released from the metal powders and come out through the filter to the circuit.

Goal: The filters purify this hydrogen coming out at 300 bar.


The Indian university professor need to use Hydrogen gas come out of metal hydride particles which is 30-50 microns size. The metal hydride particles stay back..Hydrogen gets through the pores and comes to the circuit with 300 bar pressure.  But the lab has only used filters with a pressure of 30 bar before, fearing that 300 bar will make the filter explode, and hydrogen is also dangerous. The laboratory needed solution to solve it.


After checking the applications and working process . YUBO designed new structure of sintered filter. The challenge is to ensure filtration efficiency and service life under the condition of high pressure . With New structure, and Ti material, YUBO’s design solved the problems perfectly.


The customer is satisfied to the new-designed filter.



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