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Comprehensive, smart, and sustainable dewatering filtration solutions for the toughest mining applications in concentrates and tailings coupled.

How Mining Filtration Improves Productivity and Sustainability

Filtration concerns orbit every stage of a productive coal mining operation. The filtering media is in the air, defusing the dusty black dust released by extracted fossil fuels. Conversely, production cycles use special sieves to separate valuable geological commodities from coarse earthen matter.

Productivity hinges on drive system mechanics, the lubricated parts that power kilometer-long conveyor belts. Meanwhile, vibratory motors push multi-level screening decks back and forth in a synchronous pattern, all the better to efficiently part the ore-laden material from a mass of grinding rock. Filters and powered dryers come to the rescue in this scenario by supporting sealed bearing housings. The hydraulic fluid works in concert with electrical subsystems to fluently maintain mechanical motion, and it’s the filters that intelligently enable this process. Specially sized apertures in the filters allow the oil to pass but stop parts-damaging particulate matter.

The Benefits of Coal Mine Filtration

The filters are installed and maintained in the above mechanical systems.
The sieving screen filter component is a protective device, a piece of apparatus that extends the machine’s lifespan by keeping the mechanical muscle utterly devoid of contaminants. Similarly, fuel filters protect the drive chain, thus ensuring the supplied mechanical momentum is always reliably at the beck and call of the screening and crushing machinery.

A proper filtration solution strategy covers several different mediums, including water, air reclamation, and fluid power. The proper filter equipment must be matched with each of these applications if the mining facility is to satisfy national and international safety guidelines, and rules that are as ecologically sound as they are productivity-oriented.
General coal mining filter ranges include Filter Cartridges, sieve bend screen Panels, Bag Cartridges, filter housing products, etc, some of which are also used for Air Pollution Control and Industrial Process Air applications.

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