Filtration and Screening Filters–Wedge Wire Screen

Filtration and Screening Filters–Wedge Wire Screen

What is Wedge Wire Screen?

Wedge wire screen is a metal filter product manufactured with stainless steel. Wedge wires have high mechanical properties. They are static structures that offer efficient filtering. Many different industries uses wedge wire screen to solve filtration problems. Therefore, it is also called a filter screen. They can be designed based on the working principle and geometry.

what is wedge wire screen

Selecting the Effective Filter Screen

There are different types of wedge wire filter screens that depend on the application. Some wedge wire screens can be attached to machines and some work by themselves with the same purpose – filtration.
In general, the important parameters mainly consist of the open gap, the tilt angle of the wires, the width of the screen, and total area. These are the main parameters to define the effectiveness of the filter screens in terms of filtration and durability. Thus, design and manufacturing become significant to reach high quality and they require precise manufacturing.

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Wedge Wire Features and benefits:

  • Precise sizing maintained with wedge wire screen filters
  • Maximized open-area drainage
  • High abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Machine spot-welded for high strength throughout
  • High release angles
  • Custom-made to suit specific machines and applications
  • Minimal pegging in difficult applications
  • Wide range of apertures and profiles are available

The features of the Wedge Wire screen make it an attractive solution for separating solids from liquids, retaining media, filtering, sizing, dewatering, collecting, and distributing.

wedge wire screen filter products for industry filtration

Our wedge wire screens can be individually adapted for each individual case – for example as centrifugal baskets, filter plates, screen panels, screen cylinders, sieve bends, and in each screening direction with all conceivable geometrical shapes, materials, dimensions as well as various profile shapes combined with different crossbars, depending on the requirements and application.

They work virtually without any clogging, have an optimal open screen surface and – thanks to a wide variety of material options – have a long service life.

Our wedge wire screens are used successfully in almost every single industry branches – such as in the



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