flat wedge wire panel

The flat screen panel is the widely used type of wedge wire screen in liquid or solid separation.

Welded flat wedge wire screen panels can be constructed using rectangular support rods or round support rods.
They are the most widely used type of wedge wire screens mainly in mineral processing both for stationery as well as vibratory decks. And the shape of the flat screen helps the filtration process complete accurately by vibration or flow.
Flat wedge screen panels provide efficient filtration for different applications with suitable geometry. With the portable design of the panel wedge wire screen, it adapts to a wide range of applications.

flat screen panel advantage
Advantages of Flat Wedge Wire Screen Filter
  • Special surface treatment
  • Suitable and customizable design
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High durability – less maintenance
  • Effective filtration
flat screen panel advantage
Principle of Flat Wedge Wire Screen

The flat wedge wire panel screen operates using the wire gaps between the V-shaded profiles. Due to its V-shaped surfaces, it is particularly effective against clogging while also offering a great flow rate. While the smaller particles can flow through this gap, other residues will remain outside and therefore they are prevented from going through between the gaps.

Flat screen plates offer a wide range of opportunities in the agricultural, construction, and also brewing industries. The flat shape of the wedge wire is the easy-to-use and implement.

flat screen panel custom
    Material 304, 304L,316,316L , or as per your requirement
    Surface profile type triangle wire
    Support profile type round bar, rectangular bar, wedge wire, triangle wire.
    Slot size,length,Pitch,width Custom
    Noted please contact us to custom design

Flat wedge wire screen filter is adaptable for many applications with the advantage of straight geometry. The most popular usage of the panel filter screen is filtering with vibrational movement. Vibration helps eliminate the big particles over the screen panel and thus provides filtration for the application.

The main applications of the flat wedge wire panel filters are:

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