Intake Screen for Lakes Water Treatment

Intake Screen for Lakes Water Treatment

Economical and Reliable Wildlife Protection with Intake Screens

Intake screens serve as the guardians of surface water supplies, filtering raw water for various applications like cooling systems and wastewater treatment plants.

These water intake screens come in various types, each tailored to specific needs:
T-Intake Screens
Passive Water Intake Screens
Alloy Intake Screens

Half Intake Screens
Copper-Nickel Water Intake Screens

Cylindrical / Drum screens
Custom Intake Screens
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1. T-Intake Screens:

Popular for their T-shaped design, offering both water protection and cost savings. They serve as guardians for aquatic life and safeguard equipment.

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2. Passive Water Intake Screens:

Engineered for efficiency, the patented YUBO design ensures even water flow distribution, reducing internal velocity by up to 40%. Available in stainless steel, super duplex, and copper-nickel Z-Alloy, catering to diverse needs.

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3. Alloy Intake Screens:

Specifically crafted to deter zebra mussel attachment, these screens, constructed with robust copper-nickel wire, ensure lasting protection in seawater applications.

4. Copper-Nickel Water Intake Screens:

Providing practical and economic advantages, these screens, crafted from copper-nickel, boast high reliability, available in Profile Bar and Resistance Welded Wedge Wire variants.

5. Custom Intake Screens:

Beyond standard designs, YUBO specializes in tailoring intake screens for challenging applications, ensuring the perfect fit for unique requirements.

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Water intake screens—stand as the primary defense for municipal, industrial, and hydro intakes.

These intake screen filters not only protect aquatic life but also safeguard pumps and turbines against damaging debris.

Benefits of Our Water Intake Filter Screens:

–Passive with no moving parts
–Reduced operating costs
–Minimal clogging, maximizing water flow
–Versatile designs for various depths
–Compliance with Clean Water Act Section 316(b)
–Option for an airburst cleaning system
–Available in corrosion-resistant materials
The YUBO intake screen design creates a consistent flow velocity, effectively shielding aquatic organisms. The V-shaped wires ensure that fish and other organisms larger than the slot size remain unharmed.

Beyond standard offerings, YUBO’s specialist engineering team excels in customizing intake screens for challenging water treatment applications, ensuring optimal solutions tailored to specific needs.

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