Oil & Chemical & metallurgy

Oil & Chemical & metallurgy

Oil & Chemical & metallurgy-Advanced Engineering Wedge Wire Filters

When your industry relies on steady performance, availability and reliability, high quality filtration solution and filter equipments are critical to maintain your equipment in top condition for many years.

In the Oil & Chemical & metallurgy industry, wedge wire screen filters play a crucial role in order to complete the fertilization process reliably. Fertilization processes such as granulation need wedge wire screens. Different types of wedge wire filter types are used in different processes such as paints, coatings chemicals, and polymer processing.

Oil & Chemical & metallurgy-Advanced Engineering Wedge Wire Filters

Whether you are on an offshore production platform, a fracking site or a refinery are often challenged with a variety of aggressive contaminants such as salt, heavy hydrocarbons and aggressive gases. On critical processes, these challenges need to be taken care of to maintain top performance of the equipment. Applications can vary from gas turbines, diesel engines, air compressors, generators or ventilation systems for enclosures and control rooms.

Industrial filtration solutions should be designed according to the operational requirements and local contaminants. Good solutions not only improve performance, they reduce maintenance costs and increase part life. This improves availability, reliability and ultimately, profitability.

If no filtration is performed, production impurities will damage the hydraulic systems and affect the normal operation of the product process. In addition, gases generated in the production process, if discharged into the air directly, it will pollute the environment, so air and liquid filtration are also important in the Oil & Chemical & metallurgy industry.

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