Parabolic Rundown Screens-Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Parabolic Rundown Screens-Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Parabolic Rundown Screens are also called Parabolic Screens, Rundown Screens, and Static Screens.
Static Rundown screens offer proven, reliable performance and most important inexpensive solutions in the liquid-solid separation for industrial applications.

Wedge wire Static Rundown screens are utilized as conveyor and screening media in dewatering and draining applications.

The non-mechanical, low-maintenance aspects of Static Rundown screens rely on a uniform feed over a fabricated distribution weir, a reversible wedge wire sieve bend with a cross-flow presentation to allow effective dewatering and gravity solids discharge. Standard radii at varying widths are available to suit the flow rate and slot gap requirements of our Parabolic Rundown Screens.


Parabolic rundown screens are advanced filtration systems designed specifically for industrial water treatment applications. These screens are highly efficient at removing solid particles from water, ensuring that it meets the required quality standards for different industrial purposes.

wedge wire Rundown Screens

Rundown screens have been used in wastewater treatment plants for pretreatment, and dewatering of grit. And rundown screens are also used in industries such as recycling, paper and pulp, power generation, food processing, and recyclers.


One key advantage of using parabolic rundown screens is their high capacity and low maintenance requirements. The curved shape maximizes the available filtration area, allowing large volumes of water to be processed efficiently. Additionally, the self-cleaning nature of these screens minimizes manual cleaning efforts and reduces downtime during operation.


Moreover, parabolic rundown screens offer excellent versatility in terms of customization options to suit specific industry requirements. The slot size and spacing can be adjusted based on the desired level of filtration efficiency or particle retention capability needed in each application. Furthermore, these screens can be made from various materials such as stainless steel or polypropylene to ensure compatibility with different types of wastewater streams encountered across industries.

Rundown Screens technical information:

Media: Liquids Grey Water, Industrial Effluents, Process Water, Sewage & Storm Water
Media: Solids TSS Reduction, Industrial and Municipal Process Screenings
Screen Types Inlet screens, Parabolic screens and Rundown screens
Materials Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (304) and Stainless Steel (316)
Features No moving parts


YUBO has been focusing on high-quality wedge wire Parabolic Rundown Screens. We focus on filtration, separation, and petrochemical engineering applications since 2008.



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