How to Ensure Wedge Wire Filters Quality

How to Ensure Our Filters Quality?

Quality is the most important promise we made to our customers. We seek survival, development and performance by quality.

The quality of filtration equipment has a keen link to the quality of customers' final products, the safety of downstream key devices and the recovery rate of important materials. We guarantee that all our products are qualified from the aspects of raw material selection, production process control, finished products inspection and scientific after-sales processing. In addition, we have passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. We strictly implement the standard operating procedures, and conduct full inspection on each batch of products to ensure they are qualified before delivery to customers.

Qualified Raw Materials

Before production, we always carry out 100% full inspection on raw materials, production tools and devices to check if all raw materials are qualified and all instruments are calibrated to ensure all preparations are ready.

Production Process Control

Our skillful workers are familiar with the operation process and precautions of their posts. They focus on every production link and try their best to make every product as good as they can.

Strict Finished Product Inspection

After production, we will carry out strict quality inspection on all finished products to ensure all products are qualified before delivery to our customers.

  • Hydraulic test. Test the hydrostatic bearing capacity of filter housing and pipelines and check if there is leakage in weld seams.
  • Bubble point test. Test the integrity of the finished filter elements.
  • Welding process test. Test the welding process of the filer housing, including steel plate welding process test and perforated metal welding process test.
Scientific After-Sales Processing

As soon as the customer receives our filters, we will guide the customer on installation and make a return visit during use. If the customer has any questions about using our filters, you can contact us at any time, and our engineers will Solve the problems reported by customers in a timely manner, and at the same time provide customers with better filtering solutions.

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