What is Scallops?

Crafted with precision, our Johnson Screen Scallops serve as the outer screen component in radial flow systems. Their innovative design, extending parallel to the inner vessel wall, efficiently manages gas flow within vertical reactors. Acting as crucial elements in gas-solid reactors, these scallops flawlessly distribute and collect flow, ensuring optimal functionality.

Scallops are meticulously designed to optimize radial flow systems in various industrial applications. Engineered to facilitate gas distribution and collection within reactors, these scallops epitomize efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Johnson Screen Scallops
Scallops Features and Benefits

Superior Construction: These scallops boast a self-supporting, high-strength structure, resilient against bending, buckling, or collapse.

Enhanced Efficiency: With a continuous slotting structure and large opening area, they offer low-pressure, high-efficiency operation.

Catalyst Retention: Prevent catalyst leakage effectively, maintaining the integrity of the catalyst bed.

Maintenance Made Easy: The special v-wire structure minimizes blockages and facilitates hassle-free cleaning.

Robust Material: Built using premium-grade materials, they withstand varying temperatures and working conditions, ensuring longevity.

Advantages Over Perforated Metal Screen Scallops:

While perforated metal screen scallops might offer a lower price point, our Johnson Screen Scallops stand out due to their superior performance and robust design. They resist deformation, blockage, and offer exceptional longevity, making them the recommended choice for radial flow systems.

Wedge Wire Scallops Benefits

Operational Efficiency:

In radial flow reactors, these scallops play a pivotal role. They channel gas through the catalyst bed via wedge wire screen slots, ensuring efficient gas distribution. Post-reaction, gas gathers in the central tube for further processing.


Adaptability to Changing Conditions:

In dynamic industrial environments, these scallops adapt seamlessly to fluctuating temperatures and working states. They prevent catalyst displacement during sudden shutdowns, maintaining stability and functionality in the reactor.


    Our Johnson Screen Scallops guarantee not only the seamless operation of radial flow systems but also resilience against changing conditions. Experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and longevity with these cutting-edge components.


Johnson Screen Scallops is the key filter elements of Radial Flow Reactor Internals.

These scallops find extensive use in catalytic reforming, ammonia synthesis, and other crucial industrial processes. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable components in optimizing gas-solid reactions.

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