Guide to wedge wire filters for industry filtration system

Wedge Wire Screen –Better Meet Your Industrial Filtration Demands

Wedge wire screen is a type of welded metal filter element with the multipurpose screen with characteristics of toughness and clogging resistance widely used in a diverse range of applications for filtration, separation, screening, and retention of media.

There are many derivative products of wedge wire screens that are suitable for many industries. Choosing the right wedge wire screen can help you achieve maximum production efficiency within the shortest period.

wedge wire screen

Benefits Of Wedge Wire

Wedge wire has significant benefits over other filter media:
—The wedge-shaped profile tends to prohibit clogging as the opening gets progressively larger across its geometry. If a particle penetrates the filter surface it will continue through without obstructing flow.
— Wedge Wire is extremely rigid and able to withstand vigorous cleaning and maintenance. Its construction allows for higher operating pressure differentials without failure or deflection.
— Cleaning is quick and effective. It’s smooth filter surface results in effective contaminant release. Backwashing is far more effective than other media. Because of the wedge-shaped opening, backwash velocity increases across the screen aiding the removal of particulates.

Where and How is Wedge Wire Used?

Wedge Wire screens are used in a variety of processes and industries.

Types Of Wedge Wire

Wedge Wire is manufactured as tubes for filter elements, laterals, and baskets. It is also supplied as panels, Cylindrical, and various shapes.
Flat screen and Cylindrical screens are the most dominant types, but within cylindrical, there can be round and basket screens.
If necessary, cylindrical screens can but cut and rolled flat into a flat-screen configuration, and flat screens can also be rolled formed into cylindrical screens. Each of these will depend on the application.

flat wedge wire panelwedge wire Cylindricalwedge wire basket screens

Profile wires

With the use of high-quality materials, profile wires meet the highest requirements

Our range of products includes all common profile wires. For more detailed specifications, please contact our sales engineers。


Wedge wire products filter direction

Wedge wire filter products filter direction

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