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Wedge Wire Screen Filters for Food Beverage Production

Filtration plays a crucial role in the Food and Beverage Industry, ensuring the safety, taste, and shelf life of products. It is an essential step in various processes and the treatment of food processing waste. Food Beverage Industry Filtration Types: 1. Food processing filtration: This type of filtration is necessary for eliminating particles in liquids with varying viscosity, such as sauces, dough, chocolate, and jams. 2. Safety filtration: Before mixing or packaging, food products often require safety filtration to remove polluting particles that may have accidentally entered the manufacturing process. 3. Water filtration in the Food Industry: Water is extensively used in the industry for washing, cooking, cleaning, and incorporation into preparations. It must meet precise standards of hygiene and purity. Cutting-edge food filter wedge wire screens for the food and beverage industry YUBO specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge wedge wire screens specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. Our food-grade filters are crafted using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring both durability and a smooth surface that prevents clogging. Our range of wedge wire filter screens includes various options such as: —brewery false bottoms –sugar screens —starch rotary drum screens —lauter tun/mash tun screens —flat panel screens —sieve bend screens These innovative wedge wire filter screens find applications in a wide array of processes within the food and beverage industry. They are utilized for filtration, extraction, dehydration, fluidized bed operations, absorption, sorting and sifting, solid or water separation, cleaning, rinsing, drying, sizing, recycling, and transport. Our screens are extensively used in […]

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Wedge Wire False Bottom for Brewery: The Ultimate Solution for Brewery and drinks industry Efficient Filtration

As a leading manufacturer of industrial filters, we understand the importance of efficient filtration in the brewing industry. That’s why we have developed the Wedge Wire False Bottom, a revolutionary product that is designed to provide superior filtration performance and durability. What is Wedge Wire False Bottom? The Wedge Wire False Bottom is made from high-quality stainless steel wire that is carefully welded to form a wedge-shaped profile. This unique design allows for maximum filtration efficiency, as the wire acts as a barrier to prevent solids from passing through while allowing liquids to flow freely.   Lauter Tun False Bottoms are becoming increasingly popular in the brewery industry due to their many advantages over traditional filtering methods. The false bottom is essentially a perforated plate that sits at the bottom of the lauter tun and is made of stainless steel. This plate has tiny holes or slots which allow the wort to pass through and be filtered, while the husks, proteins, and other particles are left behind. Wedge wire false bottom advantages in the brewery filtration process: The Lauter Tun False Bottom has numerous advantages over traditional filtering methods. First and foremost, it is much more efficient at filtering and separating the wort from the husks, proteins, and other particles. This increases the clarity of the wort and improves the overall quality of the beer. Additionally, the false bottom is much easier to maintain than other filtering methods, as it does not require frequent cleaning or replacement.   For breweries, […]

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Wedge Wire False Bottom filters for brewing process

Wedge Wire False Bottom Lauter tun is important equipment in the beer brewing process, which is used to filter the crushed grains in the wort. The wedge wire false bottom screen is the filtering material and supporting material in the lauter tun. One of the main steps in the brewing process is lautering. In basic terms, its major task is to assist in the filtering system of the mash (smashed grains) from the wort (the fermented fluid). The false bottom is also called a lauter tun screen or mash tun screen, YUBO can provide customized services of various specifications for global customers. There are advantages of using wedge wire false bottom. The advantages supply a superb choice to solve the recognized concerns that are fundamental to various other products: Greater open location with accurate port dimensions, supplying remarkable wort circulation prices Greater mechanical stamina to sustain the grain much better Much better effective to stop grains from capturing or obstructing openings Enhanced lautering rate If you have any further questions about wedge wire false bottom screens or wedge wire, be sure to contact us today.

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Food & Beverage Water Filters and Filtration Solution

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest sectors globally, with a constant demand for high-quality products. To ensure that these products meet stringent quality standards, various equipment, and components play a crucial role in their production process. One such essential component is the filter equipment–wedge wire screen. Filters are used in the food and beverage industry to separate, concentrate, and clarify liquids. Though separation and clarification processes are commonly used in the dairy industry, a “one size fits all” solution does not exist. This makes it important to choose the right filtration solution for the task at hand. The industrial filtration of food and beverage is a critical step for many processes or for the treatment of food processing waste. Filtration plays a key role in maintaining food processing equipment, keeping food and beverages fresher, and prolonging their shelf life. Some of the more common beverages that rely on filtration technology include: Wine-Soda-Beer-De-alcoholization (for non-alcoholic beverages)-Juice-Water-Milk Some of the more common foods that rely on filtration technology include: Cheese and other dairy products Meat, fish, and their solid products (not including oils, fat, and juices) Fruits and vegetables (not including oils, fat, and juices) Oils and fats Grains, cereals, and starches Gelatin concentration Corn wet milling Xanthan gum Maple syrup Animal feed A variety of dry and liquid separation processes are used in food and beverage production. Below are a few common applications: Salt production – Basket centrifuges are commonly used in salt production. Cream separation (from […]

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Brewery Filtration

Filtration in the Brewing Industry: Enhancing Quality and Flavor Filtration plays a vital role in the brewing industry, where the pursuit of excellence in beer production is a shared passion worldwide. Regardless of the type of beer being brewed, certain fundamental steps are common to the brewing process. These critical operations are essential to maintain the integrity of the brewing process and consistently produce exceptional beer. A well-designed filtration system is a linchpin for ensuring the biological safety, quality, shelf-life, and equipment protection of the final product. At YUBO Factory, we manufacture top-notch wedge wire screen filter elements and pleated cartridge filters. We provide a comprehensive solution for all your brewery filtration needs. Filtration is a crucial stage in brewing, and today, the vast majority of beers on the market undergo some form of filtration. This process is essential for enhancing the quality and taste of beer, regardless of whether it’s being crafted by homebrew enthusiasts, pub breweries producing small quantities, or large-scale beverage distributors mass-producing beer products. We take pride in producing high-quality filter housings and designing filtration system solutions tailored for use in the brewing, distilling, and beverage industry. If you are involved in the beer or brewery business, we invite you to explore our offerings online or contact us for a custom quote. Email to US Now The Brewing Industry Filtration Process primarily encompasses several key phases: 1. Filtration After the Mashing Processes During the mashing process, grains are steeped in hot water to activate malt enzymes […]

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