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Wedge Wire Screen Filter – Advance Applications

Wedge wire screen is a type of filtration media that consists of stainless steel or other alloy wires that are formed into a variety of shapes. It is commonly used in filtration and separation applications, such as water and oil filtration, food and beverage processing, and chemical processing. The wedge wire screen is made up of a series of wedge-shaped wires that are welded together in a zigzag pattern. The wires form a continuous slot that can be used to separate particles of different sizes. The wedge wire screen has a number of advantages over other types of filtration media, including its high strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand high pressures. It is also easy to clean and can be tailored to meet specific filtration requirements. A wedge wire screen is an ideal solution for a variety of filtration and separation needs.   Wedge wire screen is a type of industrial filtration solution manufactured using a unique V-shaped wire welded to a support frame. It is widely used in a variety of applications in many different industries, including mining, water filtration, food processing, and oil and gas. The unique V- screen filter is often used in the food and beverage industry to filter out contaminants, such as bacteria and mold, from food and beverage products. It can also be used to filter out sediment from wine and beer. In the oil and gas industry, wedge wire screens are used to filter out solids and debris from drilling fluids and […]

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Wedge Wire Basket Filter Screens

Wedge Wire Basket filter is a kind of industrial filter used in a wide range of industries, from chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, and oil & gas. It is made with a V-wire screen, which is a type of stainless steel wire mesh that is made from a series of V-shaped wires that are welded together at the apex. The V-shaped profile creates a strong and durable filter media that is able to resist abrasion and corrosion.   Wedge Wire Basket filter is widely used in the filtration of liquids and gases. It is able to handle a wide range of fluid flow rates, from ultra-low to high-pressure applications. The filter has a large open area, which allows for maximum filtration efficiency and is able to capture a variety of particles, from small to large. It is also highly customizable, allowing for the design and fabrication of a wide range of custom filters to meet specific filtration needs. YUBO is one of the leading industry filter manufacturers in China. We can manufacturers are able to provide a wide range of filter types, from simple to complex designs, and can customize the filter to meet specific filtration requirements. The filters produced by these manufacturers are of high quality and are able to meet the highest industry standards.   In conclusion, Wedge Wire Basket filter is a versatile and reliable industrial filter that is used in a wide range of industries. It is made with V wire screen and is able […]

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Stainless Steel Water Lateral Assemblies-High Strength and Filtering Efficiency

Desalination is a water filtration process that removes salts and other minerals from saltwater. The desalination process makes saline water potable for consumption and irrigation. Desalination filter systems are in use at beachfront hotels and resorts, residences, boats, and other commercial or industrial applications. The important process of desalination systems is filtration technology. The filters form an integral part of the desalination filtration process. Industrial Filters remove unwanted impurities from water such as sediment, taste and odor, hardness, and bacteria to result in better quality water. We offer a huge range of filters and cartridges to solve any number of water treatment-related issues. Today we will focus on introducing a cost-effective filter product to you–stainless steel wedge wire water Lateral Assemblies。 High strength and filtering efficiency make wedge wire lateral assemblies outstanding for under-draining filtration. Benefits of wedge wire water Lateral Assemblies High strength and rigidity. High open area for filtering efficiency. Corrosion and rust resistance. Temperature resistance. Easy to install and replace. Durable and long service life. Application Desalination Plant Under draining filtration. Ion exchanger. Cation exchanger. Mixed bed exchanger. YUBO is the wedge wire screen filter stainers manufacturer in China, we provide various types of filters and filter elements, and we also can custom the filtration system for different industries.

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Best Wedge Wire Screen Filters for Chocolate Filtration

Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats around the world. But in order for it to have the perfect taste and texture, it needs to be filtered. This is where wedge wire screen filters come in. Wedge wire screen filters are a type of filter made up of a series of stainless steel wires arranged in a V-shaped pattern. This V-shaped structure creates a sturdy, self-supporting filter that is ideal for capturing solid particles and debris from the liquid. This makes it the perfect choice for filtering chocolate. The wedge wire screen filter’s unique design makes it highly effective at capturing particles of all sizes. This means that the filtered chocolate will be free of any unwanted solids, resulting in a smooth, delicious product. The wedge wire screen filter also offers a range of other benefits. It is highly durable, meaning that it can be used for many years without needing to be replaced. It can also be customized to suit the needs of your particular process, ensuring that you get the perfect filtration solution for your business. Finally, the wedge wire screen filter is highly efficient. This means that it is able to quickly filter out unwanted particles and debris, resulting in a faster production process. Overall, wedge wire screen filters are an ideal choice for filtering chocolate. They are highly effective, durable, and efficient, making them the perfect filtration solution for any chocolate-making business. As an industry pioneer, YUBO provides high-quality self-cleaning filters for a wide variety […]

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wedge wire screen-Critical filter Equipment for Food Processing

When it comes to the manufacturing of food products, quality is a brand’s number one priority. The last thing that any company or quality assurance specialist wants to hear is the R-word: Recall. One of these critical pieces of equipment within the food processing industry is the production filter sifter. In food processing, there is a plethora of potential contaminants that can find their way into your product stream: from natural contaminants such as weevils, flour beetles, their larva and eggs, hair (human or animal), wood splinters, and chips, bin scale, paper, string, sheet metal, bolts, and nuts. The list can go even further, but who really wants any of that in their food? The Food Processing Filter Equipment is vital to remove as many contaminants as possible from your food stream process. The market has three popular Food Processing Filter Equipment classification types: 1. Vibratory filters 2. Centrifugal filter 3. Gyratory filter Vibratory filter Sifters Vibratory filter sifters are considered to be low-cost sifters. Equipped with one or two vibration motors, eccentric masses on the lower and upper ends of the motion-generating component vibrate the machine around its center of gravity. These units are primarily utilized in single-pass, low-volume operations: 50 lb or less at one time. This makes the vibratory sifter an economical choice, which provides a relatively low-cost entry point. Centrifugal filter Sifters Centrifugal filter sifters were initially developed for wastewater treatment plants to break up (de-lump) solids and push them through a screen. Today, centrifugal sifters are […]

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Filtration and Screening Filters–Wedge Wire Screen

What is Wedge Wire Screen? Wedge wire screen is a metal filter product manufactured with stainless steel. Wedge wires have high mechanical properties. They are static structures that offer efficient filtering. Many different industries uses wedge wire screen to solve filtration problems. Therefore, it is also called a filter screen. They can be designed based on the working principle and geometry. Selecting the Effective Filter Screen There are different types of wedge wire filter screens that depend on the application. Some wedge wire screens can be attached to machines and some work by themselves with the same purpose – filtration. In general, the important parameters mainly consist of the open gap, the tilt angle of the wires, the width of the screen, and total area. These are the main parameters to define the effectiveness of the filter screens in terms of filtration and durability. Thus, design and manufacturing become significant to reach high quality and they require precise manufacturing. You can also have a look at our Wedge Wire Filters Products For questions about the wedge wires products, you can Contact Us or send an e-mail to Wedge Wire Features and benefits: Precise sizing maintained with wedge wire screen filters Maximized open-area drainage High abrasion and corrosion resistance Machine spot-welded for high strength throughout High release angles Custom-made to suit specific machines and applications Minimal pegging in difficult applications Wide range of apertures and profiles are available The features of the Wedge Wire screen make it an attractive solution […]

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Reduce maintenance cost of filtration system in the tanks

Country: Brazil Application: FRP tanks in chemical manufacturing Goal: Reduce maintenance cost of filtration system in the tanks Background: A chemical manufacturer is using a plastic filtration system including diffusers and strainers in the FRP tanks of their factories. They have to interrupt production often in order to replace the components of the filtration system due to the short service life of plastic parts. The company needed a solution to improve it. Solution: After reviewing the working process and the products of the factories (caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate). YUBO designed a new filtration system for the tanks. The challenge is to ensure filtration efficiency and service life under the condition of high pressure and strongly corrosion liquid. With wedge wire structure, new-modified flange, and Hastelloy material, YUBO’s design solved the problems perfectly. Results: The customer is satisfied with the new-designed filtration system. More orders will be placed for other tanks in their new-built factory.

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Power Generation

Efficient filter systems for power generation In conventional power generation plants such as gas or nuclear power plants, industrial wedge wire screen filters ensure the long-term functionality and durability of the turbines and generators, maintaining compliance with ecological standards and the availability of emergency power generators. When it comes to high-temperature gas filtration for exhaust gas treatment, more and more power plant operators are relying on high-performance wedge wire screen filter elements, which deliver excellent results even at high temperatures. Wedge wire screen filters contribute to the economical operation of oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power plants and at the same time help to reduce the environmental impact. When it comes to water treatment, fuel maintenance, hydraulic filtration, and air pollution control, wedge wire screens impress with high separation rates, and good resistance to high loads giving a long service life. The advantage of wedge wire screens in the power generation industry: 1. safer, because wedge wire screen filter systems ensure an uninterrupted process flow at sensitive places in the power plant and thus help to avoid faults 2. healthier, because wedge wire filter screen products ensure a long-term supply of cooling water and through effective treatment reduce the consumption of hydraulic and lubrication oils 3. more productive, because wedge wire filter elements and filtration systems allow continuous operation of the power plant at full output.   Electrical and electronics: Filtration is key for electrical equipment and semiconductors Electrical equipment manufacture As far as the manufacture of heavy electrical goods […]

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Viscous Liquid Filtration

The more viscous a product is, the more complicated it is to get it through a filter. To simply illustrate this notion, imagine the speed of water passing through a strainer and imagine the speed of honey. At the same flow rate, a viscous product will need a larger filtration surface and therefore a large filter. For high viscosities (above 10’000 centipoise), synthetic filters have their limits (tearing, bursting) and it is necessary to use stainless steel filters.   Examples of viscosity of common products   How to filter low-viscosity products? The applications are the filtration of products such as oils, emulsions, and water of various kinds (process, discharge…). You can choose stainless steel filters for low-viscosity products.   How to filter medium viscosity fluids? For varnishes, industrial paints, chemicals, and other liquids up to 5000 cP, the bag filter and wedge wire screen filters are a simple, efficient, and flexible industrial filtration system. With a simple change of the bag, filtration ratings from 1 micron to 2000 microns can be changed in a few minutes. The bag filter is also efficient for the filtration of low-viscosity products.   How to filter high-viscosity fluids? The automatic self-cleaning filter is the best filter when the bag filter and other filters are not able to filter. The high-viscosity products such as coatings, glues, silicone, effect paint, chocolate, PVC slurry, dough, starch, surimi paste,pre-filtration of binders in formulations, polymer solutions,metal paste…

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