Static Screen Filter

Coanda Screen Filters-Industrial Filtration Solutions for Dam,Lake, and River Filtration

As a leading manufacturer of industrial filtration solutions, Coanda Screen Filters are designed to provide superior filtration performance, and Coanda Screen is the best choice for Dam, lake, and river filtration.   At the heart of our Coanda Screen Filters is Coanda effect technology. This technology uses the natural tendency of fluids to follow curved surfaces, which allows our filters to achieve a high level of filtration efficiency. The result is a filter that can remove even the smallest particles from your process fluid, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.   Our Coanda Screen Filters are made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel wedge wire screens. These screens are designed to provide maximum strength and durability, ensuring that your filter will last for years to come. In addition, our filters are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect choice for any industrial application.   Whether you are looking to filter water, oil, or other process fluids, our Coanda Screen Filters are the perfect solution. With their superior filtration performance and durable construction, they are the ideal choice for any industrial application. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our Coanda Screen Filters and how they can help improve your filtration process.

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Static Screen Filter

The static screen filter is one of our products used for solids removal solutions in wastewater. It is designed for solid/liquid separation in all types of water: drinking, industrial and waste. It brings real filtration solutions in many fields like textile industries, paper mills, laundries, canneries, creameries, and slaughterhouses. We design and manufacture the equipment regarding your needs. Static Screen Filter is used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load to many dewatering, sizing, and wastewater cleanup problems. Used widely in the food, sugar, pulp, paper, and wastewater industries, there are no moving parts. The screens are self-cleaning with very low maintenance requirements. Static Screen Filter features: Energy & space-efficient, quiet operation, accurate sizing, low maintenance, and the all-stainless steel construction ensures a long, corrosion-free. For further information or for your query on-screen filters, contact us here or emails:

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