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Vee-Wire Screen Filter for rain water harvesting

Vee-Wire Screen Filter has made the preferred choice in rainwater harvesting systems. “Vee-Wire Screen Filter” is a Highly Acceptable Modern Technology in Rain Water Harvesting. It eliminates conventional filtration systems, SAVES -Precious Space, Construction Cost, and Construction Time for Filtration Tanks. Scientific Design helps Cleaning Very Easy and SAVES Maintenance Costs. Vee Wire Filter Screen/ Rainwater Filters are the best Rainwater Harvesting Filters that are used for Filtration purposes. These filters have Continuous slots, which are Non-Choking & Non-Clogging and make the Filtration process smooth. Salient features & benefits of Vee-Wire Screen ❖Anti-corrosive material : ❖Vee shaped Slots : ❖ More than 1 times effective open area : ❖ Efficient and non-clogging screen assembly : ❖ Easy installation : ❖ Continuous slots gives large % open area. Designing of RAINWATER HARVESTING System Rainwater Harvesting System Using”Conventional Method” Rainwater Harvesting System Using Latest Technology -“Vee – Wire Filter Screens” VEE-WIRE FILTER SCREEN SYSTEM Details  VEE WIRE FILTER SCREEN DESIGN CONTINUOUS SLOTS SPECIAL Design gives Continuous Slot Opening across the periphery and length of screen. NON CLOGGING SLOTS V-shape Wire which gives Inwardly Widening V-shape Slots. This shape does not give space for any sand particle to get stuck inside the slot and hence these screens are non clogging and this keeps the Efficiency of tube well maintained over number of years. VERY LARGE % OPEN AREA The Special Design gives Continuous Slot and hence the % of Open Area for water to enter is more than 2 times that of conventional slotted pipes of […]

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Efficiency improvement of filtration vessels

Country: United States Application: carbon and clay filtration Goal: efficiency improvement of filtration vessels Background: An environmental service company are using some carbon and clay filtration vessels for their customers. However, they were suffering high frequency of replacing the diffusers and nozzles and consequent downtime. The company decided to explore the option of improvement. Solution: After reviewing the design and working condition of those vessels, YUBO replaced the existing diffusers and nozzles with new-designed components in stainless steel and wedge wire screen, which ensure perfect structural strength and better filtration efficiency. Meanwhile, the long service life of new diffusers avoids downtime of user and saves the cost. Results: The new-designed diffusers and nozzles are performing to the customers satisfaction. More related orders will be placed in the future.

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