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Wedge Wire for General Industry

Hebei YUBO is a small manufacturer and exporter company based in Anping, China. Our customer-centric approach gives you the benefit of shorter delivery times without the formalities and red tape experienced when dealing with larger corporates. Wedge Wire–Durable Screens for high performance. Our wedge wire screens offer optimal filtration with less blinding than other screening media, while still maintaining strong structural integrity.   Wedge Wire-Manufactured to meet different industry demands. The unique ‘V’ shape of the wedge wire, through an extrusion process, allows for a relief angle that limits the amount of blinding and pegging that can occur with other screening media. Weld procedures used in the process of fitting our wedge wire screens with flanges, frames, support structures and rings, etc. are carefully chosen with attention to detail. Wedge Wire for General Industry Welded Wedge Wire and Looped Wedge Wire for Foundry, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paper, and Pulp Industries. Wedge wire screen is a metal filter product manufactured with stainless steel. Wedge wires have high mechanical properties. They are static structures that offer efficient filtering. Many different industries use wedge wire screens to solve filtration problems. Therefore, it is also called a filter screen. They can be designed based on the working principle and geometry. Wedge Wire Type Products Wedge Wire panel Wedge Wire tube Wedge Wire basket sieve bend screen    

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Industry Water/Wastewater Filtration Treatment

Wedge wire screen–the best filter strainer for Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Filtration   The Importance of Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Industrial wastewater treatment is crucial because it ensures that contaminated wastewater, often laden with harmful pollutants, is cleansed before being discharged into the environment. Failure to treat industrial wastewater properly can lead to severe ecological damage and health risks for nearby populations. Ethical and efficient wastewater treatment is the key to minimizing these potential harms. Contaminants Found in Industrial Wastewater: Industrial wastewater varies based on the industry but can contain a range of contaminants, including acids, additives, ammonia, heavy metals, organic matter, pharmaceutical residues, solvents, and more. Understanding the specific composition of wastewater is vital for choosing the right treatment methods. Industries Requiring Wastewater Treatment: Numerous industries rely on wastewater treatment to protect the environment and comply with regulations. These include agriculture, automotive, construction, food processing, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical manufacturing, textile production, and more. Effective wastewater treatment is an integral part of responsible industrial operations. Filtration Systems for Wastewater Treatment: Particle Filtration: This system separates solids from liquids, often as the initial step in treating contaminated wastewater. Options like bag filters, cartridge filters, and self-cleaning filters are chosen based on factors like particle size, density, shape, and quantity. Membrane Filtration: When higher water quality is required, membrane filtration steps in. It includes reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration. These methods are crucial for achieving the cleanest water possible.   Email to US Now Wedge wire screen filter elements have become […]

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