tower internals inner screen

Guide to Tower Internals

First, the operation of the tower is to intermingle liquid and gas. Inside the tower, packings or trays supports, and distributors ensure the even flow of liquid and gas. Through mass transfer between liquids and gases, towers may conduct absorption or distillation tasks. Multiple industries use these structures, such as water treatment, wastewater processing, chemical processing, and scrubbing pollution from gaseous outputs from plants. The distribution of these masses ensures the efficiency of the tower.

Tower Internals Screen
Tower Internals Screen Types

Each of the tower internals works to aid in evenly distributing liquid and gas to allow for maximum mass transfer.
1. Critical liquid distributor
2. Supporting Grid
3. Hold-Down Grid, also known as a bed limiter
4. Liquid Redistributor
5. Gas Distributor

tower internals inner screen
Factors That Influence Tower Internals Screen Selection

The types of media used for packings inside a tower also matter. The contents of the liquids passing through the media and bed height will both factor into the final selection:
1. Solids in liquid
2. Heavy gas or liquid flows
3. Wastewater treatment
4. Corrosive materials
5.Bed heights
6.Multiple feeds and products

Tower Internals sales

    We offer a selection of different types of water pipes, along with several different span lengths and diameters for every custom water application condition. Of course, we can provide custom Lined Pivot Pipes products.



Get the components to improve the mass transfer efficiency inside a tower with the right internals for the application. You can find these internals and other components at YUBO. While we distribute products at affordable prices, we also assist in custom designs.

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