The Benefilters use Sieve Bend Screen in Watertreatment Plant

The Benefilters use Sieve Bend Screen in Watertreatment Plant

What is Sieve Bend Screen?

Sieve Bend Screen, also referred to as a Static Sieve or Static Screen, is a crucial component within water/wastewater treatment plants, offering efficient fine screening capabilities. The Sieve Bend Screens can be tailored to varying widths, arc lengths, aperture sizes, or wedge wire configurations, ensuring optimal performance for specific flow rates and materials. While the standard Static Sieve Bends are widely used, alternatives like “Cross Flow,” “With Flow,” and “Vibrating” Sieve Bends can also be crafted to meet specific requirements.

Sieve Bend Screen

Functionally, Sieve Bends serve both for size classification and dewatering of fine particles present in slurries. These sieve bend screens are advantageous due to their lack of moving parts, resulting in zero power requirements. Their main application has historically been in the coal industry; however, they’re now gaining traction in mineral and industrial sectors as well. The appeal of sieve bends lies in their cost-effectiveness, reversibility for prolonged screen life, noiseless operation, absence of moving components, and high efficiency in handling substantial material volumes.

The Benefilts of use Sieve Bend Screen in filtration

Our Sieve Bend selection presents a dependable solution for efficiently separating solids from slurries across various applications. Whether in quarries, mineral extraction, agriculture, food processing, wood chips, or wastewater treatment, you’ll find a suitable sieve bend design to meet your unique needs.

Efficiency, precise fitting, and exceptional screening, dewatering, classification, and separation capabilities are what you seek. Our range of Sieve Bends comes in various sizes to ensure a perfect match with your machinery. By choosing our Sieve Bends, you unlock not just superior products, but also reduced downtime, increased effectiveness, and cost savings. This grants you the freedom to focus on more significant operational challenges, secure in the knowledge that our Sieve Bends maximize efficiency and extend screen panel and machinery lifespans.

The Benefilts of use Sieve Bend Screen in filtration

For those seeking mechanical and automatic cleaning/removal of coarser contaminants, we encourage you to explore our sieve bend screen equipment offerings. You can connect with us through emails at Experience the difference our Sieve Bends make, achieving peak operational efficiency, enhanced screen panels, and extended machinery longevity.




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