Water Intake Screen

Water Intake Screen System

An economical and reliable system for wildlife protection and debris removal from surface water supplies


Water Intake Screen Systems and related equipment are used to filter debris and aquatic life of varying sizes, from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. Screening systems are utilized at fossil-fuel power plants, nuclear power plants, drinking water facilities, refineries and other heavy industrial sites where large volumes of raw water are consumed.

Intake screening systems provide clean, debris-free raw water while minimizing ecological impacts. Intake water screens need to be fish-friendly. This means fish and other life forms have not impinged in the screen and are released back into their natural habitat.

Intake Screen-Quality screens for water intake and water treatment

We produce intake screens in multiple sizes and configurations.

Optimum protection for aquatic life

Our intake screens are designed to ensure a constant flow velocity to improve the protection of wildlife while reducing costs. There are no moving parts that could break down or wear out, eliminating the need for replacement components and costly repairs.

Benefits of our Intake Screens include:

  • No moving parts
  • Available in corrosion-resistant materials
  • Reliable system for aquaculture protection
  • V-shaped surface wires allow for easy cleaning
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Flexibility of design for specific depths and locations
  • Dependable water delivery
  • Minimal clogging and maximum water flow
Why Choose YUBO Water intake screen?

As an experienced water intake screen manufacturer, YUBO has more than 10years decades of experience and technical expertise in wedge wire and Profile V-wire screens. We offer screens in several configurations and materials, in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and precision openings. The goal of our engineering team is to provide the most efficient screen design for your unique application. We’re always ready to help solve technical problems and assist in designing the most advantageous screen placement.

    Tytes Materials Wire Profiles Slot Size range
    T-intake screens
    Water intake screen
    Drum screens
    Flat panel
    Traveling water screens
    Stationary water screens
    316/ 316L
    Super Duplex
    Monel 400
    Copper Nickel

Intake Screens

Mainly used to clean water extracted from the sea, rivers or lakes to be used as cooling water for process water or industrial sites, power, raw water, desalination plants, drainage channels and irrigation offtakes.


Typical Industries for use

Water /Wastewater Treatment
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Food & Beverage
Pulp and Paper

Related Industries

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