Wedge Wire Tube for Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Filter

Wedge Wire Tube for Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Filter

Addressing the diverse discharge options for slaughterhouse wastewater, including direct release into the environment, channeling to municipal treatment plants, or internal reuse, demands tailored treatment approaches. At YUANLV Filter Factory, we specialize in offering a wide array of wastewater equipment and technologies adept at tackling the challenges posed by fats, oils, grease, proteins, and carbohydrates in slaughterhouses and rendering plants.


In the intricate workings of slaughterhouses and rendering plants, water serves multifaceted roles as an ingredient, cleaning agent, and sanitation tool. This extensive water usage necessitates a cost-effective approach to handling wastewater, emphasizing reuse to curtail expenses and maintain environmental compliance.
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For efficient and effective wastewater treatment in slaughterhouses, a customized process design is pivotal. When the objective revolves around reducing regulated constituents to permissible discharge levels, employing a filter system emerges as the most direct and economical solution.

Wedge Wire Tube for Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Filter

The pretreatment of slaughterhouse wastewater becomes imperative before its release into municipal sewer systems. Conventional municipal treatment plants often fall short in handling the contaminant densities characteristic of such wastewater. Leveraging wedge wire screen filter systems proves highly efficient and cost-effective in removing suspended solids, fats, oil, and grease (FOG) – pivotal constituents demanding elimination.

Reuse of wastewater in a slaughterhouse

The concept of water reuse within slaughterhouses gains prominence owing to the substantial amount of wastewater generated during slaughtering and facility cleaning processes. This trend aligns with the growing emphasis in the agri-food sector on recovering valuable by-products from meat processing effluents, alongside the reuse of water. There’s a rising demand for treatment processes that facilitate water reuse, nutrient and fertilizer recovery, as well as biogas production and utilization.

Your slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plant design

For slaughterhouses and rendering plants encountering challenges in meeting stringent wastewater discharge requirements, reach out to us at 86-18032153916 or via email at  Our expertise extends to supporting you in crafting the appropriate wastewater treatment plant design for your project. We focus on minimizing disposal costs while ensuring adherence to effluent discharge standards. Our tailored solutions and expertise perfectly align with the intricate needs of wastewater treatment in slaughterhouses.



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