wedge wire screen-Critical filter Equipment for Food Processing

wedge wire screen-Critical filter Equipment for Food Processing

When it comes to the manufacturing of food products, quality is a brand’s number one priority. The last thing that any company or quality assurance specialist wants to hear is the R-word: Recall.
One of these critical pieces of equipment within the food processing industry is the production filter sifter. In food processing, there is a plethora of potential contaminants that can find their way into your product stream: from natural contaminants such as weevils, flour beetles, their larva and eggs, hair (human or animal), wood splinters, and chips, bin scale, paper, string, sheet metal, bolts, and nuts. The list can go even further, but who really wants any of that in their food?

Food Processing Filter Equipment-Wedge Wire Screen

The Food Processing Filter Equipment is vital to remove as many contaminants as possible from your food stream process.

The market has three popular Food Processing Filter Equipment classification types:

1. Vibratory filters
2. Centrifugal filter
3. Gyratory filter

Vibratory filter Sifters

Vibratory filter sifters are considered to be low-cost sifters. Equipped with one or two vibration motors, eccentric masses on the lower and upper ends of the motion-generating component vibrate the machine around its center of gravity. These units are primarily utilized in single-pass, low-volume operations: 50 lb or less at one time. This makes the vibratory sifter an economical choice, which provides a relatively low-cost entry point.

Vibratory filter Sifters for Food Processing

Centrifugal filter Sifters

Centrifugal filter sifters were initially developed for wastewater treatment plants to break up (de-lump) solids and push them through a screen. Today, centrifugal sifters are the second most preferred sifter type in the food industry. The centrifugal filter sifter is designed to forcibly break down clumps that can be found in certain material types such as flour, sugar, salt, starch, etc.

Centrifugal filter Sifters

Gyratory filter Sifters
Gyratory filter sifters filter contaminants better than any other sifting technology (vibratory/centrifugal). Gyratory sifters produce a horizontal gyratory sifting action, ideal for scalping, grading, or fines removal from dry free-flowing powders.


The three types of filter sifters material are wedge wire screens. A wedge wire screen is a welded screen designed to be highly durable and resistant to clogging. And they typically have a long service life.
The wedge wire screens are the best choice for high-capacity separation on large particles, especially in solid/liquid separation.

wedge wire screen filters

Wedge wire screens are specially designed filters that utilize a unique wedge-shaped wire profile to effectively separate solids from liquids or gases. These screens consist of parallel wires with precise gaps between them, allowing for efficient filtration. The wedge shape ensures that larger particles are retained on one side while smaller particles pass through, resulting in a highly efficient filtering process.

Wedge wire screens find extensive applications across various stages of food processing:

Raw Material Cleaning: During the initial stage of food processing, raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, grains, or meat need thorough cleaning to eliminate dirt and foreign objects. Wedge wire screens offer excellent separation capabilities even for small particle sizes present in raw materials.

Juice Extraction: In fruit juice extraction processes like pressing or squeezing, it is crucial to separate pulp or solid residues from the liquid portion efficiently. Wedge wire screens can be utilized here due to their ability to handle large volumes while providing reliable separation results.

Filtration during Cooking/Cooking Oil Recycling: Removing fine sediments or particulate matter during cooking processes is vital for achieving desired product qualities such as clarity and texture consistency. Similarly, recycling cooking oil requires effective removal of impurities before reuse – which can be achieved using wedge wire screen filters.

Beverage Production: From brewing beer to producing soft drinks or dairy beverages like yogurt or milkshakes; wedgewire screen filters assist in removing unwanted particles like yeast cells or sedimentary deposits without affecting taste profiles.

The use of wedge wire screens in food processing offers several advantages:

High Filtration Efficiency: The precise gap between the wires ensures efficient separation, allowing for the removal of even small particles or impurities.

Durability: Wedge wire screens are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, making them suitable for prolonged usage in harsh food processing environments.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining wedge wire screens is simple due to their design, which minimizes clogging and facilitates the easy removal of trapped particles.

Customizability: Wedge wire screen sizes and shapes can be customized according to different project requirements to achieve higher efficiency filtration

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