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As a professional manufacturer of wedge wire screen filter elements, YUBO Filtration dedicates to products of industrial filter elements products and solid-liquid separation filters. Now we not only provide the industry filtration system solution but also have flat panels, false bottoms, DSM screens, filter tubes, basket filters, filter nozzles, lateral assemblies, etc. All our products are made of superior raw materials and parts and conform to various advanced international standards.

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Benefit of Wedge Wire Screen

  • Less Clogging, Good Dewatering
  • High Strength, High Durability
  • Design Broad flexibility
Less Clogging, Good Dewatering industry filters

Less Clogging, Good Dewatering

The " triangle shape"--the biggest feature of the Wedge Wire Screen, means that as solids pass through, the contact points are small and the tips of the slits are widened, such that solids are less likely to clog, and even they do clog, there is a strong backwashing effect, resulting in excellent maintainability.

wedge wire screen High Strength, High Durability

High Strength, High Durability

Wedge Wire Screen feature higher strength and durability than filters such as wire mesh, perforated plates or filter cloths, and depending on the usage environment and material, they can be used almost indefinitely without replacement, reducing running costs.

Wedge Wire Screen Design Broad flexibility

Design Broad flexibility

Wedge Wire Screen can be manufactured in various shapes such as flat, cylindrical, sieve bend or conical.


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