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Wedge Wire False Bottom for Brewing: Superior Filtration Solutions

In the realm of brewing technology, the lauter tun plays a pivotal role in separating the wort from residual materials using wedge wire or slotted-milled screens.
Wedge wire screen strainers offer a distinct advantage with their larger open area, resulting in significantly higher throughput.
wedge wire false bottom filter cartridges are engineered to deliver precise separation outcomes and exceptional flow rates, catering to various filtration stages with different viscosity levels.
Notably, these wedge wire screen candle filters have demonstrated their effectiveness in diatomaceous earth filtration. Moreover, these robust products are ideally suited for mixing and dosing processes, particularly in beverage concentrate applications, ensuring both high process availability and extended service life.

Wedge Wire False Bottom for Beer Brewing

Types of Wedge Wire Screen False Bottoms:

The wedge wire screen False Bottom in various forms, including single-piece designs for smaller diameters and segmented versions for larger diameters, facilitating convenient transportation and installation.

Advantages of Wedge Wire Brew False Bottom:

Due to their distinctive V-shaped welding wire structure, wedge wire false bottoms have become the preferred choice for many brewery filter barrels. This unique construction offers several key benefits:

  • Structural Integrity: The V-shaped wire structure, combined with T-shaped support wires, enhances structural rigidity and compression resistance, preventing deformation.

  • Enhanced Open Area: V-shaped wires are arranged in parallel, creating long and narrow gaps, resulting in a superior open area compared to perforated plates.

  • High Flow Rate: The streamlined V-wire structure facilitates faster flow rates.

  • Stable Gap Size: Unlike perforated plates that can change hole sizes over time, V-wire structures maintain a consistent gap size, ensuring consistent filtration performance.

  • Blockage Resistance and Easy Cleaning: The limited contact points between impurities and wires make blockages unlikely, and cleaning is straightforward, leading to an extended service life.

Wedge Wire False Bottom vs. False Perforated Bottom:

The structural differences between wedge wire and perforated plate false bottoms highlight their unique advantages. Wedge wire excels in terms of structural integrity, open area, flow rate, gap stability, and blockage resistance. In contrast, perforated plates are more budget-friendly and may be better suited for home brewing applications, while wedge wire false bottoms are the go-to choice for industrial beer brewing.

Wedge Wire False Bottom for sales

Customized Solutions for Breweries:

We provide tailored solutions for breweries worldwide, including:

Wedge wire lauter tun screens
Wedge wire mash tun screens

Stainless steel wedge wire false bottom screens
Additionally, our product lineup for breweries extends to include Rotary Drum Screens, primarily installed on dewatering equipment. For a comprehensive selection of brewery filtration equipment, please reach out to us today.

Wedge wire false bottoms represent the pinnacle of filtration technology in the beer brewing industry. With their advanced design and exceptional performance characteristics, they offer brewers a reliable and efficient solution for separating wort from residual materials, ensuring the production of high-quality beverages. 

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