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Polyurethane Screen Panels-Improve Quarrying and Mining Efficiency

Polyurethane screen panels revolutionize the screening process in multiple industries by offering a mesh screening medium crafted from top-tier polyurethane material. These Polyurethane screen panels, seamlessly fitting vibrating screens across metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction, and various sectors, excel in finely screening bulk materials.

Industries across coal preparation, coking plants, mines, power generation, and river dredging find immense utility in Polyurethane screen panels. Polyurethane screen panels’ superiority over steel woven wire screens lies in several advantageous traits: exceptional abrasion resistance, corrosion immunity, reduced noise levels, and unmatched precision during operations. They consistently deliver optimal screening performance, avoiding fracturing or cracking under vibration.

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Polyurethane screen panels for Coal mineral

Key Features and Benefits of Polyurethane Screen Panels:

Unparalleled Durability:

The elastic modulus, impact absorption, and wear resistance of polyurethane result in exceptional tensile strength. With a bearing capacity over 2.5 times that of rubber panels, their service life extends 8-10 times longer than ordinary metal screens, 3 times that of stainless steel, and 3.9 times that of natural rubber. It stands as the world’s top wear-resistant sieve material.

High Screening Efficiency:

The self-cleaning properties of polyurethane surfaces prevent pore blockage, ensuring consistently high screening efficiency.


Compatible with any vibrating screen type and customizable to specific needs.

Precision Screening:

Mold casting technology ensures precise mesh aperture design, delivering high-quality screening and meeting users’ particle size requirements effectively.

Wide Application Range:

From coal and sand mining to building materials and metal mining, polyurethane panels adapt seamlessly. They excel in dry or wet screening scenarios without compromising efficiency, showcasing remarkable dewatering and descreening capabilities.


Polyurethane screen panels represent a reliable and high-performance solution for screening equipment. Our offerings encompass a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and apertures. For further details or inquiries about our products, feel free to contact us via email at at your convenience.

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