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Wedge Wire Hub & Lateral Strainer:Enhancing Filtration Efficiency and Performance

Wedge Wire Collector/Distributor systems play a crucial role in various water and wastewater treatment applications, including ion exchange units, media filters, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, carbon towers, and clay filters. These systems are essential to ensure the efficiency and performance of filtration processes.

Wedge Wire Collector

Efficient filtration is paramount in industries such as wastewater/water treatment, oil refining, mining, and food processing. These industries heavily rely on effective filtration systems to maintain the quality of their products. In this context, Wedge Wire Screen Vessel Laterals Assembly has emerged as a versatile solution that offers exceptional filtration capabilities across different applications.

What are Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies?

Wedge wire lateral assemblies also called Hub Header & Lateral Systems, Wedge Wire Collector / Distributors, consist of a series of curved V wires wrapped around support rods in a cylindrical form. The gap between each wire is precisely controlled to allow for optimal flow while retaining particles above a certain size threshold. This design ensures efficient separation without clogging or compromising structural integrity.

Hub Header & Lateral Systems

Features and Benefits:

Precise Slot Sizes: The slot sizes of wedge wire Hub lateral assemblies can be customized according to specific requirements, ranging from fine filtration (micron-level) to coarse screening (millimeter-level). This flexibility allows for precise control over particle retention.

High Strength and Durability: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, wedge wire lateral assemblies offer exceptional strength and durability even under harsh operating conditions.

Self-cleaning Effect: The V wire profile creates continuous openings along their length that prevent the accumulation of debris or solids during operation – resulting in extended service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

Uniform Flow Distribution: Wedge wire laterals ensure uniform fluid distribution across their entire surface area due to their unique design characteristics. This feature helps prevent uneven filter bed loading and maximizes overall system efficiency.


1.Water Treatment Industry:

Municipal Water Treatment Plants: Wedge wire lateral assemblies are commonly used in municipal water treatment plants for processes such as sedimentation, activated carbon filtration, and ion exchange.

Desalination Systems: These assemblies play a crucial role in seawater desalination applications by effectively removing suspended solids before the reverse osmosis process.

V wire Hub Header Lateral Systems for water treatment

2. Oil and Gas Industry:

Refineries: Wedge wire laterals are employed in crude oil separation, wastewater treatment, and catalyst recovery processes within refineries to enhance operational efficiency.

Offshore Platforms

Overall, Wedge Wire Collector/Distributor systems in water and wastewater treatment processes not only improve efficiency but also ensures optimal product quality across diverse industries. Its versatility combined with superior performance makes it an indispensable component in modern filtration systems.



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