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Pulp Thickening Screen – Enhancing Fiber Processing for Paper Pulp

We are a professional manufacturer in China specializing in Johnson V wire screen filters, offering customized and design services for pulp mills worldwide.

Our Johnson wedge wire pulp thickening screen is a crucial component in paper pulp processing, delivering exceptional performance to paper mills. Thickening plays a vital role in paper production, increasing stock consistency for downstream processes while reducing storage volumes and optimizing water loop separation.

Pulp screening is an essential step in the pulping process, and the Johnson screen is instrumental in achieving efficient pulp screening. The structure of our Johnson-type pulp screen comprises V-shaped wire and support rods, expertly welded using a ring welding process. The type of Johnson pulp screen you choose directly impacts the screening efficiency, capacity, and overall screening system operation.

Johnson wedge wire pulp thickening screen

In conventional rotor-based screening processes, a thickening effect occurs from the feed end to the discharge end. This means that thickening gradually increases towards the feed side of the sieve plate, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of quality pulp. Our wedge wire and Profile Bar products offer the ideal solution for separating particles during the pulp and paper filtration process.

Pulp Thickening Screen Key Advantages:

Maximum Throughput: Our screen design ensures the highest possible throughput, allowing you to process more pulp efficiently.

Separation Efficiency: The uniform screening conditions lead to improved separation efficiency by increasing the screening concentration.

Fiber Retention: We help you retain valuable pulp fibers, reducing waste and enhancing paper quality.

Pressure Drop Reduction: Our screens minimize pressure drop over the screen, ensuring smooth operation.

Ease of Cleaning: Cleaning is simplified, and our slotted screen design prevents fibers from tangling and clogging, resulting in easier maintenance and backwash efficiency.

We also offer customized wedge wire rotary drum screens (Johnson trommel screens) for paper mill dehydration equipment.

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Choose our Johnson wedge wire pulp thickening screens to improve the efficiency and recovery of your pulp and paper processing operations. Our screens are designed for maximum performance, making your paper production processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Explore our solutions and enhance your paper mill operations today!

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