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What is Trommel Screen

A Trommel screen, also known as a rotary Trommel screen, is a mechanical screening machine extensively used in separation processes. It operates based on the size of particles, ensuring high precision in separation. The Rotary Trommel Screen, an internal component of the rotary screen, is a mechanical self-cleaning apparatus developed to address the increasing requirement for an efficient and cost-effective method of eliminating suspended solids from industrial and municipal waste streams, as well as process water. The continuous and self-cleaning mechanism of the rotating screens enables the handling of higher flow capacities compared to other types of screens, leading to substantial savings in both investment and maintenance costs.

Trommel Screen Applications:

Rotary Trommel Screens employ continuous tumbling and lifting actions to size and separate various feed materials. These materials encompass diverse sectors, including municipal waste, recycling, industrial, aggregate, and mining industries. Trommel screens are widely utilized in accurately sizing and separating wood chips, soil, compost, solid waste, domestic waste, ores, rocks, and aggregates.

Rotary Trommel Screens

Functioning of the Trommel Screen:

The rotary trommel screen is an internally fed rotating wedge wire screen with several distinct features. As material enters the drum screen, the inclined and rotating roller device prompts the material on the screen surface to roll and turn. Consequently, qualified material is discharged through the bottom outlet of the drum, while unqualified material is expelled through the end outlet of the drum. The material within the drum undergoes overturning and rolling, facilitating the ejection of particles stuck in the screen holes to prevent blockage.


Benefits and Functions of the Trommel Screen:


Efficiency: The drum’s rotational action promotes agitation and particle separation, ensuring thorough screening.
Versatility: Trommel screens find applicability across a wide range of materials and industries due to their adaptable screening capabilities.
Customization: Perforation or mesh sizes, drum dimensions, and inclination angles can be adjusted to suit specific material requirements.
Low Maintenance: With a straightforward design and minimal moving parts, trommel screens are easy to operate and maintain.
Scalping and Cleaning: These screens can simultaneously remove contaminants, scalping oversized particles, and cleaning materials.

The Trommel screen, also called the rotary screen, is a mechanical screening machine that efficiently separates particles by size. It incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism and is widely used in diverse industries for accurate sizing and separation of various materials. The Trommel screen’s versatility, customizable features, and ease of maintenance contribute to its effectiveness in processing operations.

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