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Coanda Screen

Coanda Screens is a self-cleaning screen Which used in a wide range of applications, including hydropower plant intakes, water conservation schemes, a...
Product Description:

Coanda Screen

Coanda Screens (Coanda intake screen, Coanda screen system ) are water treatment Coanda screens, that exploit the Coanda effect in combination with the proven separation technology of wedge wire, using the special curved wedge wire screen.

Coanda Screens is a self-cleaning screen with no moving parts that has been successfully used for debris and fish exclusion in a wide range of applications across the world including hydropower plant intakes, water conservation schemes, and irrigation programs. In addition, the shape of the Coanda screen helps ensure that the filtration process is accurately completed by the flow forces exerted.

Coanda Screens Benefits

  • A reliable supply of screened water which increases hydro plant operating time, output and efficiency.

  • Self-cleaning properties result in a largely maintenance-free operation saving time and associated costs.

  • Slot gap sizes can be specified to screen debris.

  • No mechanical moving parts eliminates the need for costly maintenance and a power supply

  • Coanda screens modular construction ensures ease of assembly

  • Highly resilient screen construction is resistant to abrasive material and corrosion

  • Proven operational performance even at low temperatures

  • Trusted in fisheries conservation areas not to cause harm to fish stocks

How Does It Work?

Due to the Coanda effect – liquid follows a surface – in combination with the shearing effect of the profile bars, the water flows into the intake and prevents the penetration of small aquatic creatures in the water system.

Flowing media have the property of sticking to flat or convex surfaces according to the Coanda effect. Example of flowing water on a spoon: If you hold a spoon in a stream of water, the water follows its curved surface and leaves it in a different direction than it came. You can feel the associated force that pulls the spoon into the water jet. Our Coanda screens work on the same principle.

Coanda screen for dam water treatment

    Our team can advise and assist with

    Screen selection and bespoke design

    Retrofit and replacement screen solutions

Coanda Screens can be produced in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. The uniformity and precision slot gap of the screening area ensures high capacity throughputs and accurate removal of debris.

Each Coanda Screen can be produced to bespoke dimensions and specifications with optional slot gap widths, wire profiles and inclinations to maximise performance.


The main applications of the Coanda screen system are:

1. Hydroelectric power plants

Coanda screen prevents harmful materials, and deposits in the suction process and ensures clean water. In this way, turbine blades in hydroelectric power stations can run longer without being damaged.

2. Agricultural Applications

Coanda screen is preferred for agricultural applications, for example, to provide plants with clean water. Coanda Screen prevents sediment, sticks, and soil from the water channel. This provides significant solutions for agricultural applications where clean water is required. In agriculture, the Coanda screen system is also used for mobile filtration.

3. Wastewater treatment

Coanda filter screens can provide clean water for municipal applications such as wastewater treatment. Efficient filtration of liquid-liquid separation aids in zero-power wastewater treatment applications.

4. Drinking water

Because of its superior filtration and self-cleaning ability, the Coanda screen is widely used in the industry. The perfect filtering of the water ensures that it is safe for human consumption.

5. Debris and Fish Exclusion

Trusted in fisheries conservation areas not to cause harm to fish stocks




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