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Starch Screens for the Starch Industry

YUBO Unveils Tailored Starch Screens Enhancing Efficiency in Production

In the dynamic world of starch production, the choice of raw material significantly influences the manufacturing process. YUBO–a leading Johnson screen filter manufacturer in China, proudly presents its innovative starch screens tailored for various raw materials, including potato, corn, wheat, and cassava.

Starch production, predominantly a wet process, demands effectively separating solids from liquids. YUBOs starch screens excel in processes such as rinsing, filtration, separation, and dewatering of starch, pulp, and starch concentration in centrifuges, significantly optimizing production efficiency.

Here are the key types of starch screens offered by YUBO:

1. Wedge Wire Screen Panels:

At present, the traditional starch production process is that the corn is dehydrated through a gravity dewatering screen after soaking. Enter the wet corn storage tank to feed the subsequent crushing and degerming system.
A wedge wire starch screen panel is added for the feeding of the wet corn storage tank.
It is simple and practical, has very little investment, is easy to implement, has strong adaptability to the original traditional process, and has no space restrictions.

2. Sieve Bend Screen (DSM Screen):

Specifically used in corn-wet milling for fiber washing.
YUBO can ensures superb slot precision, determining fiber dimensions passing through the screen.

3. Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen:

Essential for effective solid-liquid separation in starch production.
Rotary Drum Screen is a high-efficiency screening machine designed for large-volume, high-precision screening.
Achieves screening accuracy of 90%-95%.

4. Screw Basket:

Versatile screw press baskets with various slot widths and design variants.
Available in flat, straight grooved, or slanted grooved designs to meet diverse application needs.

5. Vibro Sifter Screen:

High-precision fine powder screening equipment capable of sieving up to 500 mesh (28 microns).
But the output of the vibro sifter is limited and cannot meet the screening requirements of large output.

YUBO offers customized solutions for starch screens, including panels, drum screens, sieve bend screens, and screw press screens, tailored to meet individual customer requirements. As a Johnson screen filter manufacturer, they guarantee optimal solutions delivered in the shortest possible time.

In their commitment to global starch and cassava factories, YUBO emphasizes being a reliable screen manufacturer. Backed by an experienced team of designers and engineers, along with robust manufacturing capabilities, YUBO stands out as a proven and recognized provider of industrial starch screens.

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