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Sieve Bend Screen

Sieve Bend Screen/DSM Screen is an important and effective solution in size classification and dewatering fine particle slurries in heavy minerals pro...
Product Description:

Sieve Bend Screen /DSM Screen

The sieve bend screen (or DSM screen) is an important and effective solution in size classification and dewatering fine particle slurries in heavy minerals processing applications. Sieve bends do not require power to operate (unless a tilting system is integrated), and are a low-cost, quiet, and efficient part of your screening process. The curved screen of the sieve bend provides greater capacity than flat wedge screens due to increased gravitational forces on material flowing against the curve, offering higher material throughputs.

Wedge wire is the optimum dewatering screen, with a sharp cutting action and maximum open area and drainage. Sieve Bend Screens (DSM Screen) are ideal for sizing and dewatering applications to remove solids from liquids, or in solid/solid separation for dry feed situations.

Sieve Bend Screen

Sieve Bend Screens Features:

  1. Quality-crafted Sieve Bends in all sizes, suitable for a range of screening media
    Sieve Bend Screens range has some industry-leading features and is designed in many different sizes suitable for a wide range of applications of varying widths.

  2. Reliable separation of solids from slurry for many use cases
    Select your ideal solution from a wide range of Sieve Bends specifically designed to separate fine solids from slurry for many of your applications such as those used in quarries, minerals, agriculture, food processing, wood chips, or wastewater.


In a typical feed situation, the leading edge of the wedge wire removes the water and fine particles through the screen up to the cut point size, as the oversized particles move across the top of the screen. Static Sieve Bends require little or no maintenance in their operation and need only small head heights to operate.

You demand efficiency, great fit, and superior screening, dewatering, classification, and separation. You require Sieve Bends available in many sizes to ensure proper fit with your machine. You get this and much more when you select one of our Sieve Bends.


    Wide range of sizes with widths, more size can be customized

    Suitable for a range of screening media such as stainless steel wedge wire or polyurethane

    Quality wear materials such as alumina and quarry tile or vulcanise rubber

    The screen surface can be supplied in 304 or 316 stainless steel. A polyurethane option is also offered.


Sieve Bend Screens can be manufactured in a variety of widths, arc lengths, apertures or wedge wires to suit the flow rate and material being separated.

Engineered to achieve an even spread of feed and adjustable flow control,

Wedge wire sieve bend screens are used in:

  • Media recovery

  • Dewatering

  • Desliming

  • Trash removal

  • Can be used in conjunction with vibrating screens.




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