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Thickening Screens for Thickening and Screening in Fiber and Sludge Processing

YUBO offers an exceptional range of wedge wire thickening screens designed to meet the highest demands in consistency, throughput, and availability. Our thickening screens are tailored to various machinery (pressure screen, centrifugal screen, and vibrating screen) ensuring optimal performance in the processing of virgin and recycled fibers, broken, mechanical pulp, and sludge applications.

Thickening is crucial in fiber and sludge processing

wedge wire pulp thicking screen

Thickening plays a crucial role in increasing stock consistency, particularly in recycled paper stock preparation and broken lines. A higher consistency leads to reduced storage volumes, making the entire process more efficient. During thickening, water is removed from the pulp, allowing it to be treated separately and reused in suitable process areas.

Unlike thickening, which separates fibers from water and its dissolved and colloidal contaminants, washing also removes other solids. This dual separation process is vital for maintaining the quality of the pulp.

Pulp screening equipment can be categorized into three types based on their impurity separation methods: pressure screens, centrifugal screens, and vibrating screens. Among these, wedge wire screens stand out as the optimal filter element.

Pulp screening involves cleaning the pulp with one or more screens to remove impurities, enhance pulp quality, conserve bleaching agents, and protect the screening equipment. The size and shape of the screen holes are determined by the differences between impurities and fibers, enabling effective separation.

Why choose Wedge Wire Screens for pulp Thickening Equipment?

Our wedge wire screen design offers maximum throughput, reduces pressure drops across the screen, and simplifies filter cleaning. The slotted screen design prevents pulp fibers from tangling when they drape over the screen face. During backwash, fibers freely detach from the filter and proceed down the drain, removing more fibers, reducing pressure drops caused by clogs, and making filter cleaning easier.

Wedge wire screens are versatile and can be used for dewatering, wastewater treatment, pulp separation, and fiber retention and thickening. These screens significantly improve efficiency and recovery, making them a valuable asset in any pulp and paper processing operation.

wedge wire screen design for thicking screen

Tailored Solutions for Your Processing Needs

Let YUBO Screen Manufacturer assist you in building the perfect pulp and paper screening solution tailored to your unique processing specifications. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our products will meet and exceed your expectations, enhancing your operational efficiency and productivity.

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