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Water Intake Screen Systems Comprehensive Guide

Water intake screen systems play a crucial role in filtering debris and aquatic life from various raw water sources, including rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. The intake screen systems are essential in diverse industries such as fossil-fuel power plants, nuclear power plants, drinking water facilities, refineries, and other heavy industrial sites where large volumes of raw water are consumed.

Water intake screen systems

Importance of Water Intake Screens:

An engineering group dedicated to water intake and treatment screens is vital for ensuring the right screen for a particular application. The water intake screen, being a critical element, determines the efficiency of the entire water intake system and influences its maintenance costs over its lifespan.

Key Qualities of a Properly Designed Water Intake System:

Meets the requirements of the operating environment.
Provides operational efficiency.
Minimizes head loss in the intake system.
Protects aquatic life.

Types of Intake Screens:

Several types of intake screens are available in the market, each with its unique benefits. Understanding these types is essential for designing the most efficient system.
Click here to explore intake screen types.

Critical Questions in Designing Water Intake Screens:

Intake Screens Manufacturers should consider three crucial questions during the design phase:
Intake Capacity: Determine the minimum capacity required to meet current water demands.
Redundancy: Decide if redundancy is necessary to meet demands with an allowed percentage of blinding between airburst cleaning cycles.
Expansion Plans: Consider future expansion plans that might require additional capacity.


Case Studies:

Customer cases provide insights into product quality and process.

Two notable cases include:
1. Custom Water Intake Screen for River Water Filtration:
Tailored solutions for a waterworks project in Vietnam, featuring T-intake screens and I-type intake screens for efficient river water filtration.
2. Water Intake Screen for Desalination Plant:
Operational water intake screens have successfully reduced entrainment rates at a desalination plant, addressing environmental concerns.

Water Intake Screen for Desalination Plant

Water intake screens Applications:

Intake screens find applications in various industries, including:
–Municipal water supply
–Water treatment plants
–LNG plants
–Desalination Plant
–Paper & pulp
–Sugar mills
–Nuclear power plants

YUBO offers expertise in designing water intake screens tailored to specific project requirements.
Contact YUBO today for efficient and customized solutions that ensure the optimal performance of your water intake system.

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