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Sludge Thickening

YUBO presents a range of cutting-edge technologies for screening, thickening, and dewatering sludge in wastewater treatment processes. Our diverse equipment offerings cater to the unique characteristics of industrial, municipal primary, biological, and flocculated sludges, ensuring the highest separation standards and an adjustable final solids content.


The common methods of sludge thickening:

Disc Thickeners:
Effective for various sludge types.
Ensures adjustable final solids content.

Rotary Drum Thickening:
Ideal for large wastewater treatment plants.
Adjustable thickening degree and screw speed.
Sturdy design for high solids loads.
The virtually wear-resistant stainless steel wedge section basket ensures high operational reliability.

Rotary Drum Thickening

Hydro Sludge Thickening Screen:
Superior solution for municipal and industrial applications.
Removes rags and dry solids, protecting downstream processes.
Efficiently removes, compacts, and dewaters solids, reducing maintenance and handling costs while increasing biosolids’ value. They are designed for ease of use and superior performance in municipal and industrial applications.

Hydro Sludge Thickening Screen

Purpose of Sludge Thickening:

Economical treatment and disposal of sewage sludge demand volume reduction during wastewater treatment. YUBO’s thickening systems focus on primary and excess sludge, achieving volume reduction before stabilization. The primary objective is to concentrate solids, significantly reducing sludge volume.

Thickening vs. Dewatering:

Thickening and dewatering both concentrate solids while producing a diluted water stream returned to the treatment works. Thickening retains the liquid, free-flowing characteristics of the feed sludge, allowing easy conveyance by pumping. YUBO’s thickening processes typically increase dry solids content to 4–6%.


Achieve Cleaner Sludge:
Cleaner sludge enhances the performance of sludge treatment and handling equipment. YUBO is your reliable water treatment technology provider. Let’s discuss how cleaner sludge benefits your plant and addresses your needs.

For a comprehensive solution to sludge management challenges, choose YUBOs advanced technologies for effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment.
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