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Stainless Steel Filter Nozzles for Water Treatment

Explore our comprehensive range of stainless steel filter nozzles designed to optimize water filtration in different industry applications. These versatile products find utility across various industries, ensuring superior filtration performance.

stainless steel filter water nozzle

What is a Filter Nozzle?

A filter nozzle is a critical component employed in systems that retain filter media, offering an efficient means for distributing water and gas. The open area of the slits in filter nozzle caps facilitates loss and distributed water flow. The nozzle’s slots may be partially obstructed by filter material, altering resistance across the slots. The location of the water control hole and the opening area of the slots impact the nozzle’s susceptibility to clogging.

Nozzle-Based Filter Systems & Products in Water & Wastewater Treatment:

Achieving optimal filter performance in a nozzle underdrain system requires well-designed nozzles tailored to specific filter specifications. YUBO offers a myriad of design options, including material, mounting style, flow rate capacity, and tailpipes for air scour. Whether providing direct replacements for OEM designs or custom redesigns, we ensure peak filter performance.

Diverse Selection:
YUBO proudly manufactures an extensive line of filter nozzles and strainers, boasting millions of combinations in screen slot sizes, thread types, flow characteristics, air scour tube constructions and accessories. This adaptability ensures that our filter nozzles meet your unique requirements.

Expertise Matters:

YUBO specializes in nozzle-based filtration, distinguishing us from conglomerates with a broader focus. Our technical expertise, just a phone call away, ensures that your filtration needs are met with precision and excellence.

Materials for Every Need:
YUBO offers filter nozzles in stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, and 316L, allowing you to choose the optimal material for performance objectives and budget considerations.

Working Principle of Filter Nozzle:

Filtration plays a pivotal role in water treatment. In water supply plant filter tanks, sediment accumulation on the filter material layer reduces porosity during the working cycle. This leads to increased resistance, slowed filtration speed, rising water levels, and ultimately, heightened turbidity in the filtered water. Backwashing becomes crucial to expel accumulated dirt and restore filter efficiency promptly.

Industrial Applications of Filter Nozzles:
YUBOs industrial water filter nozzles find applications in various sectors, including electricity power generation, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, metal and paper industries, food & beverage processing, agricultural & zootechnics, and health & swimming pools.
Our filter nozzles are used for many different applications including Water Treatment Plants (WTP) for producing drinking water; Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) and other urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, Ion exchange filters and resin traps, and filters and collectors for swimming pool.

wedge wire water filter nozzles for water treatment tanks

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For assistance in selecting the right nozzle for your specific application, please contact us. YUBO is committed to providing tailored solutions to enhance your filtration processes.
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In conclusion, YUBO’s stainless steel filter nozzles offer a diverse and reliable solution for water treatment across multiple industries. With a focus on technical expertise, a broad selection of materials, and a commitment to optimal design, YUBO stands as a leader in nozzle-based filtration. 

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