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Tower Internals

Our tower internals are designed to maximize mass transfer in packed towers, serving various industries such as water treatment, wastewater processing...
Product Description:

Tower Internals/Inner Screen

Our comprehensive range of tower internals is designed to ensure optimal mass transfer in packed towers, catering to various industries such as water treatment, wastewater processing, gas plants, and chemical processing. These components are crucial in evenly distributing liquid and gas, enhancing overall tower efficiency.

The common tower internals necessary for efficient operation:

Liquid Distributors/Redistributors: Ensures uniform liquid distribution over packing.
Spray Nozzles: offering precision in liquid dispersion.
Support Plates and Collector Trays: Provides structural support for packing layers. Prevents issues like foaming and fouling, critical for uninterrupted tower operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the internals of a packed tower?
The internals of a packed tower encompass essential components that facilitate the gas-liquid mass transfer process, influencing the tower’s efficiency. These components typically include packing material, providing a substantial surface area for mass transfer; a liquid distributor for uniform liquid distribution over the packing; support plates, domes, or grids to uphold the packing material within the tower; and optionally, a gas distributor for even gas flow distribution.

2. How does a packed tower work?
Understanding the impact of various tower internals on packing performance allows us to choose the most suitable components for a given application. A well-designed liquid and gas distribution system within the packed tower is pivotal for optimal performance. The gas, intended for absorption, is directed through the packing in countercurrent to the liquid distributed over it. This process facilitates mass transfer for absorption, distillation, or chemical reactions within the column, resulting in the desired separation or reaction outcomes.

3. How do you select tower internals based on pressure?

  • Low Pressure:  Trays may offer better performance for low-pressure applications of liquids using spray nozzles.

  • High Pressure:  In high-pressure distillation scenarios, it is advisable to use media that can handle higher liquid flows, such as trays or random packings.

  • Vacuum or Pressure Drop: In applications requiring minimal pressure drop, structured packing is recommended to reduce the effect. If structured packing is not sufficient, consider using random packing, which typically has lower pressure drops than trays.

4. Several factors influence tower internal design, such as:

Type, depth, and size of packing media
Rate of surface loading
The ratio of the volume of air to water
So, all tower internals products need to be customed as your requirements.

Why Choose YUBO?

YUBO-Your Preferred Tower Internals Products Manufacturer and Exporter in China

Boasting a team of skilled and experienced engineers, YUBO is dedicated to industry water/waste treatment and liquid filtration tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our primary objective is to deliver top-notch service and ensure the optimal utilization of wedge wire filter strainers for your Tower applications. At YUBO, we prioritize customer satisfaction and excel in providing bespoke solutions for various industrial needs.

Our Capabilities

–Design & manufacturing of unique and customized Wedge Wire Screens
–Manufacturing of high-quality Tower Internals for water treatment and gas plant industries.
–Design filtration solutions depending on the application.

Our Goal Is To make what matters work.

We are an industry filter strainers factory, but more importantly, what we do improves the quality of life and the environment. Our products, technologies, and services make a difference in the world.

Diverse Industry Implementation:

Widely used in water treatment, wastewater processing, and chemical plants.
Packed towers are increasingly employed in chemical process industries, such as gas plants.
Inside the tower, packings or trays supports, and distributors ensure the even flow of liquid and gas. Through mass transfer between liquids and gases, towers may conduct absorption or distillation tasks.

Our tower internals ensure efficient mass transfer, catering to diverse industrial needs. With a focus on customization and performance, our components contribute to the seamless operation of packed towers, delivering optimal results in various applications.

If you need assistance with how to select tower internals, let us know. You can also contact us or WhatsApp:86-18032153916 today to request a quote for high-quality tower packing materials and other tower components if you already know what you need.

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