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Support Grids- Tower Internals

Support grids serve as integral components within towers, offering structural backing for structured packing systems. They are meticulously designed to facilitate the unimpeded flow of gas and liquid. These wedge wire support grids, resting freely or affixed to ledges or support rings, play a vital role in various applications such as reactors, sieve beds, or media-filled vessels that demand the retention of catalysts or other media above the vessel base.


Support Grid Functions:

The Wedge Wire Support Grid, a pivotal element, serves dual functions: supporting both dead load and live load. Its precise wire and slot spacing form a protective screen, averting costly media losses. Considering the high value and significance of the media in industrial processes, the design of the wedge wire support grid becomes critical to ensure proper media retention, thereby preventing losses during operation.

Support Grid Custom Design:

Each Wedge Wire Support Grid is custom-engineered, eschewing any notion of being a generic, off-the-shelf product. Design considerations encompass mechanical support for designated loads, selecting the appropriate wire types and slot sizes to achieve the requisite open area for meeting pressure drop specifications, while also allowing segmented installation through manways. Bolting bars interlink segments within the vessel, supported by bearing bars and a peripheral banding bar, establishing the framework for fixing wires and rods. Every component, from the minutest wire to the longest bolting bar, is meticulously designed to withstand the designated load, averting collapse or failure.
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YUBO–a Tower Internals support grid Process Manufacturer based in China,

offers an array of wedge wire support grids in diverse framing options and designs. Ranging from one-piece constructions to multiple sections, these grids facilitate effortless on-site assembly, retrofitting, and transportation through existing manways. These self-supporting structures exhibit remarkable resistance to collapse and buckling, even under exceedingly high loads. Wedge wire-based media support grids are an optimal choice for retaining media in vessels of varying types.

Highlighted Case Studies:

1. A prominent petrochemical manufacturer in Russia significantly enhanced its Acid Color Index, directly attributable to the integration of our support grids.
2. Our wedge wire support grid filter solutions played a pivotal role in resolving product purity issues at a glycerin and fatty acid factory in China.
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