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Top10 Wedge Wire Screen Filter Strainers 2024

Wedge wire, also known as profile bar, or V wire screen, plays a pivotal role in screen filtration, forming the backbone of various screens used across a wide spectrum of applications. These versatile v shape screens find applications in industries ranging from water/wastewater filtration, mineral processing, pulp and paper production, food processing, to oil extraction, and even architectural projects.

Best Wedge Wire Screen Strainers Types:

wedeg wire screen panel         

Sieve Bend Screen:

Sieve bend screens are ideal for applications where solids need to be separated from liquids, and they can be easily attached to machines

Flat Wedge Wire Strainers:

These flat screen strainers provide precise filtration with their uniform filter slots, making them suitable for various fluid treatment processes.

wedge wire wire tube

False Bottom:

False bottoms are perfect for tanks and vessels, effectively preventing clogs and ensuring efficient filtration.

Johnson Screen Tube:

Johnson screen tubes are engineered for durability and feature a large circulation area, making them well-suited for heavy-duty applications.

wedge wire basket

Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets:

These strainer baskets are designed to handle high-pressure drops and offer superior filtration accuracy.

Cylindrical Screens:

Cylindrical screens are versatile and can adapt to different fluid directions with high strength and pressure resistance.

wedge wire lwater nozzle

Resin Traps:

Resin traps are designed to retain filter media efficiently and are known for their corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance.

Filter Nozzles:

Filter nozzles are used for backwashing and blow washing, ensuring smooth filtration without dead ends.

wedge wire lateral assemblies

Lateral Assemblies System:

Lateral assemblies systems are characterized by their exceptional mechanical strength and adaptability to various harsh environments.

Custom-Designed Fabricated Parts:

Tailored to specific needs, custom-designed parts offer reliable and precise filtration solutions for unique applications.


Selecting the right filter screen involves considering factors such as the open gap, wire tilt angle, screen width, and total area. These parameters determine the effectiveness and durability of the filter screen, highlighting the importance of precise design and manufacturing.

Wedge wire screens Advantages:

The design and diversity of wedge wire products make them indispensable components in the fluid treatment industry. These products are created through a unique process of continuously welding an outer profile wire in a helix pattern to a series of longitudinal support rods. They can be fabricated from a range of alloys, including Stainless Steels, Monel, Titanium, ECO-R, Cu-Ni, and more.

Wedge wire screens offer several advantages, including uniform filter slots for effective media retention, a larger circulation area, precise openings, exceptional strength, non-clogging properties, and resistance to media abrasion. They are crafted from high-quality stainless steel wires with corrosion and temperature resistance, making them adaptable to harsh environments and capable of maintaining stable filtration accuracy, reusability, and reliability.


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